Self Defense And Personal Protection

Within the communities where we think we know each neighbor and the city streets we know by heart lurks an unseen danger. Although certain neighborhoods are known for their safety and the watchful eyes of its denizens, it takes just one incident to catch you by surprise to change your life forever. That’s why it’s not an entirely bad idea to carry at least one self defense or personal protection item on you at all times. Whether it’s as simple as an emergency whistle or as heavy duty as a taser, being prepared for the worst case scenario at all times might save your life someday.
Today’s self defense and personal protection products are designed to be unobtrusive enough to carry with you in your purse, gym bag, glove compartment or pocket while remaining effective enough to deter potential attackers, muggers, robbers and animals. Short of carrying a deadly weapon, such as a gun or a knife, self defense and personal protection products give you peace of mind without the hassle of licensing or the liability of having a dangerous weapon in the same home where your children play.
In the best case scenario, you’ll never have to use your self defense or personal protection device. And statistically, that those that do carry them don’t typically discharge or utilize them. While this is a reassuring trend, it makes finding real world reviews and testimonials from those who have relied on the products difficult to come by. That’s why we’ve compiled our Self Defense and Personal Protection directory. This is your source for definitive information on the most effective, most reliable self defense products. From mace and pepper spray to emergency phones and alarms, our Self Defense and Personal Protection directory is dedicated to keeping you safe, secure and free to walk alone at night or through unfamiliar areas.

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