Major Retailers

Retailers make the world go ‘round. They take that amazing product from the hands of the developer, the industry, the factory, the phenomenal creative agency and they distribute it to eager customers, aching for that wondrous product to fill that niche in their life. Retailers are far more than middlemen—they provide customer service, shopping assistance, shipping and fulfillment, bargain prices, product reviews, product information and much, much more. While the products may be what drives shoppers to the Web, it’s the retailers that build trust and customer satisfaction for thousands of products and companies each day.
Within our general merchandise category of our shopping directory, we’ve separated out a few major retailers. You’ll likely recognize the names included in this list as some of the most reputable and well-established major retailers, both online and offline.
Online retailers let shoppers browse products, compare prices, build wishlists and bookmark items all from the comfort and security of their home. The convenience of online shopping makes many specialty products available to customers and viable for innovative entrepreneurs. Major retailers do both shoppers and vendors a service by bringing them both together in a trusted, efficient environment that encourages the free flow of commerce.
For more information on major retailers for general merchandise, check out some of these links that we’ve included in this special portion of our shopping directory. Whether you’re a vendor or a consumer, these links will serve as an excellent starting point as you seek information about major retailers.

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