Each flower has a unique meaning and significance, both to the recipient and the giver. There are flowers that express sympathy, flowers that show commitment, flowers that celebrate achievement, flowers that speak to platonic friendships, flowers that are meant to brighten a day, flowers that sit potted on a windowsill, flowers that hang from baskets, flowers that are held in a tight bouquet and presented by a debonair suitor to the delight of an unsuspecting date. Flowers can say so much in so little words, and that’s why it pays to know which flowers are appropriate for which occasion.

This, of course, is the job of a florist. A florist not only arranges flowers so that they accentuate the beauty of the arrangement as a whole, but they also select flowers based on what is in season and what sentiment is trying to be expressed. From classic bouquets for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries to newer traditions, like Boss’s Day and memorials for recent nationwide tragedies, flowers are a language that few have mastered in craft, but all understand when they receive flowers.

Choosing a florist is a matter of trust, price and quality of product. Many loyal customers spend their entire lives patronizing the same florist, while others base their decisions on promotions and convenience alone. Whichever priority tops your list, you can find a balance of bespoke quality floral arrangements and doting customer service by checking out different florists that serve your local area or the entire country.

Our florists directory makes an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about flowers.

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