Home Theater

A home theater is perhaps one of the most complex sets of consumer electronics investments you’ll purchase, but also one of the most rewarding. A home theater encompasses a number of high end audio and visual equipment, each of which must work in perfect harmony with the other components in the home theater system.

The centerpiece of a home theater, of course, is the display. Though some may refer to it in layman’s terms as a television set, today’s big screens are far more complex than your traditional all-in-one box. Your screen, whether it’s projection, LED or fluorescent backlit, will likely handle only the visual portion of your multimedia experience. Sharp picture, smooth motion and of course, lots of inches are what make a display stand out in a home theater.

For modern home theater, surround sound is a must. With five channels at an absolute minimum, your home theater’s surround sound packs lots of speakers into your living room or den, each with its own tailor made purpose.

The last essential piece is the mixer or amplifier. A surround sound mixer stitches all the components together and juices it with enough power to get your soundtracks pumping and your music thumping. Your mixer or amplifier is the heart of your home theater system, and without, there are no lights or sound.

There are numerous other odds and ends you’ll have to buy for your home theater system that make a big difference, when you add them up. From speaker cables to Blu-ray players, there’s a lot to learn about.

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