As advanced as our consumer electronics have become in the last decade, they still rely on some type of battery to keep them running. There have tons of advancements in batteries, sure, but you still need some type of internal lithium or alkaline battery in your laptop computer, iPod, cell phone, handheld video game console or digital camera. So many of our favorite electronic devices now come with batteries that never have to be removed and are able to charge and recharge extremely fast and reliably for the entire life of the consumer electronic device. Just ten years ago people complained to no end about how bad rechargeable batteries where – and those still eventually had to be replaced! Just like all the components or our favorite consumer electronic devices batteries have truly stood the test of time and continue to be smaller, lighter, more powerful and more efficient with the power they emit. An Apple iMac laptop computer actually has a lithium battery that can last for up to 10 hours! In our directory on batteries for consumer electronics we will offer up information on each and every type of battery and what they can be used for. We will also provide links to all the major battery manufacturers, review sites and retail sites where you can purchase the appropriate models for all the electronic devices you have in your home. Make sure the next time you are purchasing a consumer electronic device you know exactly what type of battery it has and how reliable that battery is.

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